Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash
8th Annual August 11-13, 2017
Wildwoods Convention Center
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Tattooing Solutions, a seminar by Nick Malasto

As much as we might wish our tattoos came out perfect the first session, most tattoos go through a process. Whether its prep work or a pre study, its all a work in progress. The ability to look at a work in progress and figure out how to improve it is a skill in its own. Hitting a plateau can be very infuriating for the artist that wants to perfect their craft. Tips and tricks will only take you so far. An artist also needs to know when a habit is bad and needs broken. We can reset this habit with quality proclivity that will create strong work.

The tattoo is just a series of problems that need to be solved, once there are no more problems the Tattoo is complete. How often do you look at your work and see nothing to be improved? There is much to determine what creates the best tattoo, is it composition or the contrast, is it the line weight or directional shading? What makes this tattoo better then that tattoo? This is the knowledge you will attain in this seminar. Give your work a new depth, and comprehend what tools can change the way you create. Lets abscond you of your bad habits and acquire the solutions to great tattooing.

About the artist:

Nick grew up in the swamps of Florida moving around often. Nick did 2 years of trade school for graphic design at scarlet oaks and attended 1 year of 3d graphic design at the Cincinnati art academy. Nick graduated early and started tattooing at 17 and is now 32 trained in his first 4 years with a west coast mentor, Lucky. Moving to Florida, after meeting Zakk Ross from Studio XIII he began to attain knowledge from more disciplined artist like Kyle Cotterman, Dave Nestler, Chet Zar, Aaron Is, Josh Woods, etc. Later Nick would assume the position of teacher to many award winning artist, and teach many seminars. His latest student Ryan Ashley Malarkey, had about a 2 year apprenticeship, later to win the tittle of INK MASTER. Nick resides in North East Pennsylvania and owns the NEPA TATTOO CLUB.



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