Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash
8th Annual August 11-13, 2017
Wildwoods Convention Center
Wildwood, NJ 08260

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Check out all of the Artists that you can find at the Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash. Please check back frequently the list will be growing every week.  Artists and Vendor list is subject to change without notice.

Be sure to check out our artists websites and connect with them through social media!

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Amy Nicoletto

Amy Nicoletto was born and raised in southern New Jersey, where she completed a two-year apprenticeship and began her career as a tattoo artist 10 years ago. She moved to Los Angeles in 2008 and took up her post at American Electric Tattoo Company after her brief trial period at Kat's shop didn't pan out as expected.
Amy has always been enamored with tattooing. She was sixteen when a fellow classmate introduced her to the craft, and she's been hooked ever since. At eighteen, she got her first tattoo; an Anime devil that she still wears proudly. She enjoys the structure and detail of portraiture, Japanese, and traditional styles, but she's always up for a challenge.

Steve Tefft
InkMaster-Winner Season #2
Alli Baker
Best Ink/Season 2 Finalist
James Vaughn
Mr James Vaughn

With over 20 years experience James Vaughn has become one of North Carolina's most awarded and respected custom tattoo artists in the industry. James has two North Carolina tattoo parlors- Straight A Tattoo in Asheboro, NC and Emerald City Tattoo & Piercing in Greensboro NC. Although he specializes in neo-traditional Japanese art, James' style and creativity is boundless. While appearing on Spike TV's
hit show, INK MASTERS,
James Vaughn became
a household name
with his southern
sayings and wry humor.

Jay Blondel "Alchemy Tattoo Arts"
Gentle Jay, InkMaster Season 4
Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery/ InkMaster
Lydia Bruno
Black Lotus Tattoo Gallery/ InkMaster
Aaron Is
Season 5 Inkmaster
Emily Elegado
Season 5 Inkmaster
Julia Carlson
Season 5 Inkmaster
Season 5 Inkmaster
Cris Element
Season 5 Inkmaster
Angel Bauta
Inkmaster 5, Puncture Tattoo
Caroline Evans
Radiant Energy, Inkmaster 5

Caroline was a contestant on Season 5 Inkmaster.

Robbie Ripoll
Ink Master 5
Cee Jay Inky Jones
InkMasters//Sassmouth Ink
Mark Matthews
Ink Master, Season 2

My name is Mark Matthews & I am a very fortunate man in the sense that I get the luxury of doing things that I love for a living. One of those things is tattooing and it has been an active passion of mine ever since I was introduced to it at the age of seventeen. I came into tattooing the hard way, self taught, but have luckily been blessed with the opportunity to work with some really good artists along the way of my tattoo career who have motivated, inspired & helped me become a better artist as I still, to this day, heed the lessons I've learned working alongside them.
I have been tattooing professionally for the past 14 years & have had a passion for art ever since I can remember. It is the only area of my world that has seen consistent effort from me since early childhood. Alongside tattooing, I am also proficient in the mediums of ink/watercolor, acrylic paint, pencil, prismacolor pencil, pen and ink, marker rendering & have recently started dabbling in oil paints. I am capable of many styles of tattooing & I'm always looking to have my creative limits pushed. I do my best to communicate well with my clients to insure that they are going to express through their tattoo EXACTLY what they want when they sit in my chair. So, if you are even entertaining a thought about getting a tattoo, come by and talk to me or give me a call. From small tattoos to sleeves or full back/body pieces, I'll be glad to help you make your idea a reality!

Jackie "Ink Bitch" Jennings
Inkmasters Season 3

Follow Jerome on http://Instagram.com/kidoci21


"TV's Tattoo's After Dark"
Justin Coppolino

Instagram @justintattoo

Dave Clark, InkMaster 5/6
Picasso Dular
The Vatican /Inkmaster 7
Tattoo Tony Rodriguez, Lizzie D'Alterio, Chris Mirro, Anthony Gaiso, James O'Hanlon, Rizzi D'Alterio
Under My Skin Studio

Personal tattoo artist to Bret Michaels, Lynyrd Skynyrd and many more

Tattoo Tony Rodriguez is a  New Jersey native and local celebrity artist. Tattoo Tony started tattooing in 1984 under Gene Bernardo at Body Art World in Asbury Park New Jersey and now owns two tattoo studios in New Jersey, Tattoo Tony's Under My Skin located at 73 Memorial Parkway in Atlantic Highlands and Another, Tat2 Shop, located at 947 RT 9 North in South Amboy.

Tattoo Tony is an internationally published artist and has won many awards for his over the top creative custom art work. He has been featured in such magazines as "Tattoo", "Tattoo Flash", "Tattoo Savage", "Tattoos For Men", and "The Aquarian" where they named him 2013 Tattoo Artist of the Year. The Asbury Park Press Readers Choice named him Best Tattoo Parlor in 2012 and 2013. He has also been on many TV shows ssuch as "Bret Michaels Rock of Love", "Bret Michaels Liffe s I know it", "Celebrity Apprentice", and SYFY "Oddities", Tony has tattooed many celebrities such as Bret Michaels, Gene Snitshy from WWE, Burch Patrick aka Eddie Munster, Ricky Mediocke and Peter Keys from Lynyrd Synyrd, Balls Mahoney from ECW and DRic Brittingham from Cinderella just to name a few.

In 2013, Tattoo Tony went to to basics takins love, kowledge and dedication of tattooing to another level.  He started building his own custom tattoo machines for other artists with the same drive.  You can see his custom machine at www.undermyskinmachines.com. Tony is aslo a sponsored artist at Electrum Stencil Primer www.eletrumstencilprimer.com and Impact Rotary Tattoo Machines www.impactrotary.com

When Tony is not touring with celebrities or in the studio, he is helping others in need. In 2012, Tattoo Tony became trhe founder of a non profit orgaization called Under My Skin for Life (U.M.S.F.L.)  the motto is helping others in time of need. the U.MS.F.L. foundation currently holds 5 Chapters, NJ, NY, VA, PA, FL with over 50 members.

In 2012 the Under My Skin For LIfe Foundation raised $50,000.00 helping 110 families that were victims of hurricane Sandy. Also in 2013, the U.M.S.F.L. Foundation raised $11,000.00 for Autism Speaks with at Tattooing For Autism Event where 100 % of the proceeds went to Autism Speaks.  The U.M.S.F.L. Foundation does annual events for Toys for Tots, Feeding the Hungry and many others. You c an get informaition about the foundation at www.undermyskinforlife.com.

2014 is going to be a big year for Tattoo Tony, you never know what TV show he may pop up on or what event across the country he will be at with a celebrity guest. for more information on TAttoo Tony please visit his website www.undermysknintat2.com

"Black Jack" Nugent
Under My Skin
Troy Timpel
Villian Arts/Philadelphia Eddies 621
Shannon Michael
Traveling Tattooer/ Working with Alli Baker
Tim Hughes
Philadelphias Eddie's Tattoo
David Hardton
Philadelphia Eddie's 621
Kyle Fitzpatrick
Philadelphia Eddies' 621
Nick Malasto
NEPA Tattoo Club
Brandon Pearce
Foolish Pride/ Hunter Gatherer

Suspension Shows

Joe Matisa, Tyler Bloomingdale, Brian Mock, Nicholas Evans
Kiss of Ink
Chris Matisa, Dennis Cortes, Bryan Vanegas
Kiss Of Ink
Earl Broggin
The Hidden Arts

Instagram @earltattoos

Mike Siderio
Rebel Image Tattoo

Mike Siderio is the founder of the Wildwood Tattoo Beach Bash. He has received several awards Nationally and Internationally for his work. His work has appeared in various Tattoo magazines, and has been one of the featured Artists in some publications. Mike will not be tattooing at the event.

Sean Duffy
Phenomabomb Tattoo
Shaun Flinn
570 Tattooing Co.
Lisa Hower
Addiction Tattoo
Eddie Bonacore
EB Tattoo
Kyle Cotterman
Distinction Tattoo
Thom Huges, Melissa Fielder
Evolution Tattoo
Cody Swieder
Tru Blu Tattoo
Kamala Smith
Tru Blu Tattoo
Louis Hansen
Tru Blu Tattoo
Jerome Taylor
Tru Blu Tattoo
Bewitched Tattoo
John Minka, Curtis Adams
John Black, Jason Nicholson, Matt Slime, Mike Fabrizio
Double Deez Tattoos
Kate Tietz, Cody Reed
Ism Studios

Instagram=  @katetietztattoo


Fagan Quinn, Kyle Devaney
Drop Of Ink
Adam Elliott, Alex Chromiec, Ryan Fehrle, Gerry Colne
Passion and Pride Tattoo
Jeremy Taylor, Byron Minor, Kenneth Nash, Jason Phillips
Skinquest Tattoo
Mike Oliver, Rachel Mummie
Dead Sparrow Tattoo
Carlos Paschoal, Jaded Moon
Physical Graffiti

Instagram = @_paschoal_


Studio 316
Chakra Tattoos
Jeff Gault
Devineline Tattoo

Instagram = @jeffgaultink

Ben Towers, Dan Patrick
Belle Arte Tattoo

Instagram = @belleartetattoo

Alexandra Fische, Alexis Fish
Ceremony Tattoo Society
Nicole Auletto
Dead Sparrow
Alexis Rivera
Precisely Veiled Tattoo
s. Martin
Paradise Tattoo
Adam Pietras, Masami
Dakini TattooArt Collective
Shawn O'Hare, Todd Yoder
Piercings By Shawn / Tattoos By Todd
Brian Mahovetz, Dan Ward, Shawn Hannon, Jen Davis
Rorschach Gallery

Instagram  =@rorschachgallery

Jake Kirk, J. D. Broius
Rapture Tattoo Emporium
Sam Rose, Scott Junkins
Trident Tattoo Co.

Instagram-- @samrose_tattoos


Michael Digiacomo
Jersey Devil Tattooing
Eric Backlund, Zac Bohanan, Stamy Goblyn
Skin Illustrations

Big Mike, Miss Kelley
Flesh to Fantasy Tattoo Emporium
Michael Ransom Backus, Arodomos Prince
NeedleWorks/ Tattoo Clinic
Milano Shamwell, Matt Fisher
Ink Boss Tattoo Studio
Mike Reams, James Burch
Crayons Tattooing
Lee Cramer, Rich Bevilacqua
Cardinal Tattoo Studio

Instagram @cynicalprick

John Patrick, Kate Sbailo
Art Gallery Tattoo



Rene Palma, Josh Vaughn
Parker and Barrow Tattoo
Nick Santiago, Benny Powell, Sean Glover
Black Sparrow Tattoo Studio
Howard ( H.O.), Tim (Yoshi), Rodney
36 Chambers Tattoo
Kim Bowers, Rich Menet
Fallen Angels Tattoo Studio
Russell Van Schaick
Hart and Huntington
The Baron, Chira Rosano
Red Baron Ink
Tommy Wood, Stephen Bashada
White Wolf Tattoo
Jake Parrington, Mike Blais, Dan Kelly
Cardinal Tattoo

instagram@ the_woken

Kevin Boudreaux, Elizabeth Bruns, Travis Gregorczyk
Geo Artworks
Bob Dodge
Red Sparrow Gallery
Gibby Sholette
Red Sparrow Gallery
Nick "The Tailor", Andy Robinson
Art Machine Productions

instagram @andyrobinsontattoo 

Ryan Szadyr, John Tarrao
Art Machine Productions

Instagram @johntarrao

Chris Evans
EOD Tattoo
Eddie Wilson (Texas Ed)
Bristol Ink
Ned De Leon
Ned De Leon
Steve Gentile, Alex Pea, Dana Jones, Emily Asylum
717 Tattoo

Instgram--Steve @stevegentile

                 Dana @msdanajonesart


Jacob Sheffield, Josh Tardani
Welcome Back Tattoo Studio

instagram @tardani_ink

Mike Bortner, Frank Deacon
Black Locust Tattoo Studio
Todd Lowell,Doug Hand, Kyle Fitzpatrick, Dwayne Moore, Seth
Northern Liberty Tattoo
Hiren Patel
Live Loud Studios
Cody Montgomery/Working in Happy Guru Tattoo Care
Trivium Tattoo
Jorge Lopez, Jake Belknap, Matt Phillips
Colt's Timeless Tattoos
Eternal Tattoos Inc.

My name is Stelios Chimpouras, I've been an artist at Eternal Tattoos in Howell Michigan since 2000. I tattoo all styles of artwork but truely shine with custom art. I also travel to conventions all over the U.S. to experience the moment, strive to become a better artist daily and represent the shop. I'd like to thank Eternal for giving me the opportunity to work with some of the best of the best artists in the world. And my friends, fiends, customers and clients for being patient and asking for my work.

Dave Azma, Big Mike, Trevor
Mythic Ink
Kenneth Bryan Jr. Jonathan Idler
Intimate Body Art Studio
Fin, Flash
Comes A Time Tattoo
Will Sachs
Seven Three Social Club
Dylan Curry
Trade Mark Tattoo
McCoy, Blu
Bailey's Ink
Ivan Estevez, Ivan Muniz, Rogelio Bayne, Rueben Ledezma
Infinite Visions


Miles Nozzolillo
The Tattoo Project

Instagram- @milesNozzolillo

Rick Meggison, Nick Malasto
Marked4Life/NEPA Tattoo Club

Instagram Rick @rickmtattoos

Dale @spidermmonkeysauce

Jose Bolorin, Kevin Soto
12 Oz Studios

Instagram @artofkevinsoto


Dan Craft, Deanna Smarra
DNA Tattooing
Megan Murphy
Eternal Etchings

Eternal Etchings is an award winning, family run, all female studio, with lots of bright, and friendly atmosphere, that sets it apart from most of the local tattoo establishments.The studio it's self is now going into it's 16th year in operation.

Charon Henning
Charon Henning
Sue Garcia, Stacy Pierce
Valor Tattoo/ Brand New Tattoo

Instagram = @agirlnamed_sue


Oscar, Danyel Labaut,Luiz Nogueira, Angel Garcia
Jersey Ink Tattoos


Oscar Rodriguez:@Oscartattoo





Amanda Roberts/Phenom- A- Bomb
Mike Nemo, Collie Mills, Angelo Sabatino
The Inkwell 215
Dylan Carr, PaulAnn Sabatino, Ralph Brunke
Upper Darby Inkwell
Matthew Evans, Max A Mino Ramirez
Drop 'N" Ink Tattoos
Cohwen Allen
Cohwens Ink Emporium
Cody Dermott
Eternity Tattoos
Dereck Canessa
Zodiac Tattoo
Daniel Reese
Zodiac Tattoo
Jey Collins, Bryan Peraino
The Daruma Tattoo Company

instagram= @jeycollins


Jorge Mendes, Michael Giraldo, Jesenia Gonzales
Jerzey Ink Tattoo
Chris Bijolle
Sacred Sparrow
Zach Smith
Profet Tattoo
Steve Martin
Travelling Tattooer
Jessica Drake
Jessica Drake
Mathew Franklin, Alex Powell, Chi Chi, KAM, Nate
Defining Skin Tattoos
Ian Bell, Sam Castro
Better Day's Body Art

Instagram @ ianmbell

Twisted Tony Tatts, Timothy Shaffer
Twisted Tattz's
Frankie One Shot
Bullseye Tattoo

Instagram for 

Frankie one shot @frankieoneshot

Raymond Welch
Purple Pirate Tattoo
Tyler Johnson, Norm Wright Jr.
Burn Slow Studios & Art with a Pulse

Instagram -burn_slower


Chris Mack, Gabe Sauceda
Lost Soul Tattoo Studio

Instagram for Gabe @lostsoulgabe

Justin Wolfslagle, Tommy Kirschbaum
Helios Tattoo
David "Half Pint"Martin, Nickolas G. Michael White, Ryan Reynolds
Bicycle Tattoo
Roy Gonzalez, Cristobal Eckebercnt, Carlos Oliveros, Vanessa Licea, Jonathan Lojero, Christopher Garcia
Ink Ur Skin Tattoos
Tattoo Joe
Physical Graffiti Ink
Justin W.
High End Tattoo
George Winterling, Kasey Gonzalez
Pins & Needlez Tattoo
Andrew Hicks
Ink Couture
Matt Solomon, Mark Brodowski
Raw Power Tattoo
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